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Zhangjiagang Beisu Machinery Co., Ltd.


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Zhangjiagang Beisu Machinery Co., Ltd. Factory Tour

China Zhangjiagang Beisu Machinery Co., Ltd. certification
China Zhangjiagang Beisu Machinery Co., Ltd. certification
The quality of the machine of Beisu Machinery is very stable, the output is high, the details are very user friendly, and they provide a quick response when we need service.

—— Ahmed Zeitoun

The quality of the high speed mixer produced by Beisu Machinery is outstanding. We have ordered 3 sets of equipment and they are all in use. Maria provides our professional and prompt after sales service.

—— Adrew

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  • Production Line

    Zhangjiagang Beisu Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the coast of the NANFENG town in Jiangsu Province, Zhangjiagang City, a civilized and sanitary city in the eastern coastal region. The geographical position is superior and the transportation is convenient.


    BEISU Machinery is a technical manufacturing plant specializing in the manufacture of plastic recycling, granulation, shredding, crushing, grinding and mixing. The main equipment includes plastic extruder, plastic granulator, plastic shredder, plastic crusher, plastic mill, plastic mixing equipment, plastic feeding system and other plastic extrusion recycling production equipment. Provide complete turnkey projects for waste plastics, pipes, profiles, plates, wood-plastic, rotational molding, dip-molding, color masterbatch, rubber, aluminum-plastic and other applications.


    We will, as always, abide by: the credibility of the first, the quality, the service-oriented marketing concept, continue to innovate, benefit each new and old customers, provide users with comprehensive technical services and support, and sincerely invite friends from all walks of life to come to the company to guide the negotiations Seek common development.


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    One of the plastic auxiliary machinery equipment that the milling machine is very familiar with in the production of modern plastic products plays an increasingly important role in the final grinding stage of the production and processing of the products. With the changes of the times and the development of science and technology, if the mill wants to adapt to the fierce market competition and maintain its advantages in the upgrading of products, it must adapt to the trend to improve and improve. It can be carried out in the following two aspects: The type of powder machine, people's needs are endless, and the development of the mill should never stop. It is able to detect market changes in a timely manner, seize business opportunities, and develop new types of mills to adapt to the requirements of new varieties or to improve on existing types to meet the increasing consumer demand of consumers. Second, the technology of grinding machine, the development of science and technology will not stop, the combination of technology and industry is no end, the role of technology in the competition of goods will only be more and more. In the same way, the application of technology in the field of milling machines should also be deepened.

    Zhangjiagang Beisu Machinery Co., Ltd. factory production line 0



    Only by maintaining the strength and depth of technology research and development, mastering the latest scientific achievements, and applying it to the R&D and production of products, can we realize the economicalization of science and technology and improve the competitive advantage of the mill. Through technological research and development, we will innovate in the production materials and operating systems of equipment to further improve its production efficiency.


    Zhangjiagang Beisu Machinery Co., Ltd. factory production line 1


    With many years of industry experience and unremitting efforts and pursuit, Beisu Machinery has rich practical experience and professional technical support from design to production and customer factory operation. We not only provide high quality and low price to customers. , excellent service of plastic grinding equipment, mixing equipment, while providing customers with a complete factory profit model advice and fast after-sales quality service, we have been committed to satisfying users' pursuit of quality and price, providing more cost-effective milling Equipment, mixing equipment, mixing equipment and related plastics industry auxiliary machinery consulting, the future company will rely on the global plastic machinery industry resources to deeply implement the integration strategy of the industry chain, and strive to achieve the global market-oriented, fully realize the demand of high-end customers The sales breakthrough, and strive to become the manufacturing enterprise of China's major brand market in the next 3-5 years.


    Zhangjiagang Beisu Machinery Co., Ltd. factory production line 2

  • R&D

    BEISU Machinery is an ISO 9001:2008, CE certified original manufacturer, exporter and supplier of plastic recycling and metal recycling processing machinery. Due to our continuous commitment to recycling technology, we have become a plastic shredder, plastic shredder, plastic shredder, aluminum plastic recycling machine, cable recycling machine, PCB recycling machine, radiator recycling machine, plastic granulator, tire Leading manufacturer of machinery such as recycling machines.


    BEISU Machinery made of high-quality raw materials including parts that are resistant to wear and comply with the specifications prescribed by plastic manufacturing units. Drawing on decades of valuable industry experience, we can supply quality machinery in standard and custom specifications. All plastic waste recycling machines will be assembled into a production line before shipment, and we will try our best to collect the materials that customers plan to process and feed them into the production line to simulate the actual situation. If the machine works well, we will invite customers to appraise on site, any suggestion is welcome.

    Zhangjiagang Beisu Machinery Co., Ltd. factory production line 0

    Zhangjiagang Beisu Machinery Co., Ltd. factory production line 1

    Zhangjiagang Beisu Machinery Co., Ltd. factory production line 2

    Zhangjiagang Beisu Machinery Co., Ltd. factory production line 3


    Why choose BEISU Machinery:
    A1: Plant construction, renovation plan, pipeline laying plan in the plant, construction plan of circulating cooling pool

    A2: Supply of raw materials, transformers, air compressors and other procurement plans

    A3: Provide relevant raw material specific formula, high quality raw material suppliers, raw material cost accounting

    A4: Installation equipment, commissioning equipment, training staff, and provide technical support throughout the year

    A5: BEISU company has a plastics industry engineering alliance nationwide, in the case of distance, can provide relevant talents in your company year-round work, as a technology backing




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